Facts and figures

When working with people who are grieving, statistics can only paint one part of the picture. They can give some indication of the number of children who experience bereavement each year – and how our services respond. They cannot, of course, begin to describe the huge range of responses and reactions that bereaved people experience.

Every day, more than 100 children are bereaved of a parent in the UK which means that:

  1. over 41, 000 children are bereaved of a parent each year in the UK
  2. approximately two children under 16 are bereaved of a parent every hour of every day in the UK
  3. approximately one in 25 children and young people have experienced bereavement of a parent or sibling
  4. 6% of 5 to 16 year-olds have experienced the death of a close friend of the family; this equates to 537,450 children in the UK

  5. the incidence of childhood bereavement in youth offenders can be up to ten times higher (41%) than the national average (4%)
  6. we help over 40, 000 children every year through our Helpline, numerous weekly  groups, support programmes and one to one support services

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