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Explaining the killings in Nice to children

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After 84 people, including three children, were killed in Nice, France after a lorry slammed through a crowd celebrating Bastille Day, Sacha Richardson, Director of Family Services at Winston’s Wish, has released the following comment explaining how parents can talk about the incident with their children:

“With all the media coverage surrounding this tragic incident, it is impossible to protect your children from learning about the deaths in Nice. Instead, I would urge parents to be honest and up front with their children about what has happened.

It is important to explain the deaths in terms that children can understand and in words that are appropriate for their age. It’s also important to be reassuring and emphasise how rare these events are and this is why they are in the news. Whilst doing so, try to distinguish between bad acts and bad people, as children can find the latter particularly frightening.

Whilst the natural instinct for parents is to protect their children, it’s important to have these conversations, which can be difficult and upsetting, to ensure that they understand these deaths and also appreciate your honesty.”

If you are struggling to speak to your child about the Nice killings, or are seeking support following a family bereavement, please phone the Winston’s Wish helpline on 08452 03 04 05.

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