Supporting a bereaved child: information for professionals

Many professionals come into contact with bereaved children and young people – members of the health professions, police officers, people within voluntary organisations for young people and many others. Some of these professionals will have received some bereavement training to help them provide appropriate support to a grieving child. Others won’t receive any special training to prepare them for this role.

These pages are not intended as a substitute for training. We simply aim to offer some pointers to help you help the young people you meet.

If you are interested in attending a Winston’s Wish training session, you will find more information on our national training programme here, or email us at

If you are interested in reading more about the subject, Winston’s Wish have produced a booklet called Then, Now & Always – supporting children as they journey through grief: a guide for practitioners.

We also have a range of publications and resources that may be of interest in our online shop.

Over 40% of calls to the Winston’s Wish Helpline come from professionals seeking additional guidance and information as they support bereaved children and young people.

Please see ‘Useful childhood bereavement links’