How we can support you


Support services

Winston’s Wish provides professional therapeutic help in individual, group, and residential settings via our national helpline, interactive website and publications. Our professionally qualified clinical practitioners provide bereaved children and their families with a range of support services.

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Supporting a bereaved child

At a time when you are experiencing your own grief at the death of a partner, child, other family member or friend, it can seem overwhelming to offer support to your child or children. Winston’s Wish can support you and your family through this process

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Professionals and Training

Winston’s Wish has built up a wealth of experience and expertise through its direct work with thousands of bereaved children and families. We are pleased to share this with others whose work connects them with bereaved children.

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Publications and resources

Winston’s Wish has produced some award winning publications and useful resources. They address issues arising from supporting bereaved children and young people, and offer clear guidance, advice and practical suggestions to parents, carers and professionals.

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