Winston’s Wish, the leading childhood bereavement charity in the UK, is delighted to partner with the Heart and Soul Choir thanks to support from the singing group’s founder.


Winston’s Wish – based in West Sussex and providing specialist child bereavement support across Sussex – will be backed by the choir, allowing the charity to continue its vital therapeutic work with children faced with the death of mum, dad or a sibling.

Roz McLeod, who runs the child and adult choirs in Epsom and Cobham, has nominated Winston’s Wish as their charity partner alongside The Rainbow Trust.

Leigh-Beth Stroud, Community Fundraiser at Winston’s Wish, said:

‘’We were delighted to hear from Roz when she decided to support Winston’s Wish. This is a great opportunity; not only will everyone be able to enjoy the beauty of the choir but they will be supporting a great cause at the same time’’.

Roz has a personal reason for supporting the childhood bereavement charity. She explains:

“I first heard about Winston’s Wish whilst watching BBC Children in Need around 18 years ago, and as a child who lost her mum at three, the charity leapt up to the top of my list of worthy causes.

When I lost my mum, there was no help or support for children, and we were left to try to understand the grief in the adults around us whilst coping with our own sense of loss. It was way too much to ask of a young child. Support from Winston’s Wish is precisely what families need at a time when they are understandably emotionally flailing around looking for a life raft to help them weather the storm of massive loss”.

Winston’s Wish helps children and young people rebuild their lives after the death of their mum, dad, brother or sister, enabling them to face the future with confidence and hope. Roz recognises the need for the specialist bereavement services of the charity, which has been operating in West Sussex for almost a decade, and was formed over 20 years ago. She added:

“We are not taught how to grieve, how to manage the feeling of everlasting loss. Any help families can receive in this area is worth more than words can say.  The loss of a parent or family member is devastating and affects each member deeply forever. Winston’s Wish helps support those in need through a whole series of sessions for families, and I have therefore chosen Winston’s Wish as my choir’s charity.

We’re proud to spread the word and raise funds for Winston’s Wish – and we’re dedicated to doing all we can”.

Roz now hosts over one hundred singers a week in the Heart and Soul choirs and hopes to launch the initiative in Guildford soon.

Roz also runs a choir for children called 818 Sing, who are also fundraising for Winston’s Wish. The collective are a group of 20 children aged between 8 and 18.

All performance fees will be given as a donation to the charity, contributing to the support of over 30,000 bereaved children and young people nationally through an array of dedicated services.